Alliages & Transformation is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain SEVA.

The company makes and transforms superalloys, through its metallurgy laboratory, foundry and CNC machining equipment.


Technical documentation:

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The SEVA foundry and its expertise

The SEVA foundry manufactures your pieces in refractory steels, stainless steels, alloys and nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys.

The foundry uses its casting, pouring and metallurgy skills to manufacture products with a high added value. It has considerable industrial resources, enabling high-performance alloys and quality pieces to be produced..

Design work and Modelling

The SEVA foundry has up-to-date CAD and modelling systems, ensuring that you obtain your castings cost-effectively.

Magma Modelisation

Sand casting

SEVA sand casting facilities can produce single pieces or medium production runs, in weights ranging from a few kg to 750 kg.

Moulage sable


SEVA melting furnaces are equipped with the Gravital system, allowing alloys to be produced under the protection of a neutral liquefied gas, such as argon.

fusion metal


The metal can also be poured in an inert atmosphere. This protection ensures that the alloys produced are extremely clean, with a minimum dissolved gas content.


Heat Treatment

SEVA heat treatment furnaces are equipped with a fast air cooling system, enabling any type of treatment to be carried out, up to very high temperatures.

Traitement thermique